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Robotic Knee Replacement

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Getting a precise knee implant fit is important to your comfort and overall experience following total knee replacement surgery. With robotic-assisted technology, your specially trained surgeon can tailor the placement of your knee implant with precision and minimal invasion, allowing for a faster recovery.

Data is collected before and during surgery to inform your surgeon of many details related to your unique anatomy that may affect your implant fit. By using this data to make more informed decisions, your surgeon can plan and perform a personalized surgery based upon your individual needs.

Benefits may include:

  • Less pain
  • Reduced scarring
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Shorter recovery time

Before surgery

Unlike traditional knee replacement methods, with robotic-assisted technology, a series of x-rays may be used to create a three-dimensional (3D) model of your knee anatomy. This 3D model will enable the surgeon to plan many specifics of your knee replacement prior to your surgery.

During surgery

Your surgeon has been specially trained to use robotic-assisted technology to personalize the surgical approach for your unique anatomy. It’s important to understand that the robot does not operate on its own. That means it does not move unless your surgeon prompts it to. Your surgeon is still in the operating room the entire time and is making the decisions throughout your surgery.

After surgery

Following surgery, you will be hospitalized based upon the recovery plan your surgeon decides is best for you. This hospitalization may range from one to three days. Recovery time may vary.

The Center for Joint Replacement

The Center for Joint Replacement offers a robust and individualized program, combining patient education, surgery, rehabilitation and recovery. Expert staff are committed to providing a high level of personal care in a supportive atmosphere. Click here to learn more.