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Patient Care Services


Our therapists are trained and certified in several specialties. Our goal is to provide the best, individualized treatment to each patient so they can experience the best quality of life possible.

For further information or appointments, contact us at 888-808-1234.

Patient Care Services

Our Approach

Cancer Rehabilitation: The stress of cancer treatments or surgery can cause pain or reduction in body function. Many of these adverse effects can be successfully treated through physical, occupational therapy, or speech and swallowing therapy.

Back, Neck, Limb & Hand Rehabilitation: Chronic pain of the back, neck, extremities, and hands are often able to be lessened through physical and occupational therapy. Whether a patient is recovering from an injury or surgery, or suffers from a health condition, our McKenzie Method-certified back, neck, and limb experts and certified hand therapists may be able to alleviate pain and reliance on medication.

Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Rehabilitation: Saint Clare’s physical and occupational therapists can help improve joint and muscle function resulting from orthopedic conditions of the hip, knee, ankle, foot, shoulder, spine and more. We also provide pre- and post-op education and rehabilitation to joint replacement patients to help them transition back into a life that allows them to enjoy their favorite activities.

Sports Medicine & Concussion Rehabilitation: Our robust sports medicine program provides expert physical therapy for a range of issues and injuries that have been suffered while playing sports or interfere with peak athletic performance. Saint Clare’s offers a comprehensive concussion program – which includes symptom testing/monitoring and return-to-play clearance.

Vestibular, Post-Stroke & Geriatric Rehabilitation: Saint Clare’s offers rehabilitation programs for patients experiencing dizziness (due to injury or disease), post-stroke or neurological difficulties, and an increased risk in falls due to advanced age. As these issues are highly complex, patients can rest assured that our one-on-one, individualized approach to treatment offers the best route to an improved quality of life and fewer injuries related to balance, muscle weakness, and impaired motor function.

Speech & Swallowing Rehabilitation Services: Difficulty in speech and swallowing has many causes. Our certified speech pathologists can conduct swallow tests as well as provide therapy to improve communication and swallowing. Speech services are offered for adult and pediatric patients.

Our Locations

Center for Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine at Saint Clare’s Health

Select services are available at our Denville and Dover Hospitals.

Call 888-808-1234 for an appointment at any of our facilities.