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Denville, New Jersey.

On Thursday, February 16 at 7 pm, Saint Clare’s Health online Facebook series, “Let’s Talk Health” hosted by Brian Finestein, Chief Executive Officer of Saint Clare’s Health, will discuss “A Look Inside a High-Tech Cath Lab,” with Dr. Barry Lowell.

“At Saint Clare’s Health, we have been performing emergency angioplasty for patients having heart attacks for many years. We quickly assemble an exceptional team to treat and open the arteries of people experiencing heart attacks. In that instance, a blood vessel on the heart is occluded generally with plaque and a clot. Within 90 minutes, we have the vessels open through angioplasty, and we cease any damage that may arise in a patient’s heart,” explained Dr. Lowell, Medical Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Lab and Cardiac Rehab at Saint Clare’s Health.

“Elective angioplasty is an exciting new addition to what we do. We have recently begun providing the same services electively for patients who are experiencing any type of coronary obstructive disorder, like angina or a small heart attack,” Dr. Lowell added. “We have learned that angioplasty of this nature is safe, and we are very comfortable providing these comprehensive services. The technologies have allowed us to safely treat people electively, and in most instances send them home on the very same day.”

The new technologies available at Saint Clare’s Health allow Dr. Lowell to treat his patients at the hospital in a way that is both local or around the corner from his patients, as well as ahead of the curve in providing advanced technology for critical heart procedures.

“These changes in technology bring about better outcomes for patients both in the short term and the long term,” Dr. Lowell added. “When we were using mostly balloons, they were not as durable as we would prefer. Later, after stents were more widely used, a substance was developed that made it inert so it wouldn’t react adversely with the body, making them virtually permanent. We can also now place stents more effectively as a result.”

Dr. Lowell pointed out that Saint Clare’s Health employs these types of advanced technologies within the smaller, more intimate confines of its facilities, providing patients with the same advantages found at larger academic hospitals.

“At this point in time, I can comfortably tell you that we have the absolute best imaging, best technology and the most high-quality angioplasty catheterization laboratory services available anywhere in the country. This new technology has taken us leaps further. We are able to assess the physiology of the blood flow characteristics in blood vessels. We are able to see inside of blood vessels,” Dr. Lowell said. “After working in this field, I am able to see things better than before. We are so proud of this lab.”

Saint Clare’s Health online series, “Let’s Talk Health,” features expert physicians discussing topics, such as Men and Their Sexual Health; Robotics in the Operating Room; Screenings for YOUR Wellness, Lower Back Pain & What It Could Mean; Navigating Breast Health; Pregnancy and COVID; The Silent Epidemic. COVID’s Impact on Children and Adults Mental Health, and more.

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